Sled Registration & Snowmobile Insurance

Each province has its own registration and insurance requirements, but common among them all is that you will need to register and insure your snowmobile if you plan to ride it off of your own property. The nice thing about buying a snowmobile from a dealership, just like you would a car, is that the dealer is very knowledgeable about the local registration process and will generally take care of everything for you.

Prior to purchasing your snowmobile you should also make a call to your insurance company. Engine configurations and model types will impact the price and type of insurance you will need. Another factor is your personal desire for coverage, how much do you need? This is something your insurance broker can help with. As with most things, the more you insure the bigger the discount, so lumping your new snowmobile in with your boat, ATV, truck and home might be the most economical decision

Registering and insuring your snowmobile does not only make you legal to ride, but it also protects you from potential liability should you have an incident with another rider or object. Having your snowmobile registered with the province and or territory as well as insured also helps protect you from potential theft, there is nothing worse than gearing up to ride only to find your snowmobile is gone!

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