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Canada, the true north, a place where you can bet on snow, pristine wilderness and memorable outdoor experiences! You can also bet on snowmobiling as the country boasts 112 320 kilometres (69 638 miles) of trails and thousands of opportunities to venture off the not so beaten path and carve your own ribbon in the untouched snow.

Snowmobling Canada

With limitless riding opportunities in this vast country, dependable conditions, and over 700 local clubs it’s not hard to find a place to Go Snowmobiling!

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations supports the sport across the country and is dedicated to providing leadership and promoting safe, organized and environmentally responsible snowmobiling in Canada. This umbrella organization governs all provincial federations and associations that form our 700 local clubs. The provincial federations and associations are the authority in their jurisdiction and provide detailed information on the registration requirements, permitting, social events, and safety. More importantly, they give you information on where to ride! One even has a smart phone mobile application called ISnowMobile that provides the most up-to-date trail status information right on your smartphone!

Organizations in Canada from East to West :

Where you ride and the type of riding you would like to do have an impact on which type of snowmobile will be best for you. The four manufactures Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo & Yamaha all offer snowmobiles for sale that fit the needs of each rider segment (Trail, Touring, Mountain, Utility & Racing). If you are looking to buy your first snowmobile or upgrade to a newer snowmobile the selection is wide and colourful.

In 1959, when Bombardier released the first snowmobiles, the primary function was to travel over the frozen landscape that covers much of Canada from December to April, the primary function is the same today but snowmobiles are much more capable. Since 1959 snowmobile technology has improved at an amazing rate, modern machines now have advanced fuel efficient low emission engines that produce upwards of 150 horsepower, ergonomic features that make even the coldest days warm and comfortable and lightweight chassis with deep lug tracks that can climb to the tops of the Rocky Mountains.

With such a wide selection of snowmobiles in the marketplace that are built and designed to fit the needs of each individual rider, it’s not hard to find a new snowmobile or used snowmobile for sale near you. Like a new or used car or truck it is generally better to purchase the vehicle from a licensed dealer. Local dealers are very knowledgeable about the equipment they sell and will insure that the machine is in safe and reliable working order prior to you hitting the trails. Visiting your local dealer is also a great opportunity to try on and purchase a new suit, helmet, boots and gloves that will keep you warm and safe on those cold winter days.

I hope the above information has inspired you to Go Snowmobiling this winter! It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the Canadian Winter Wilderness, get your adrenalin flowing and make memorable outdoor experiences with friends.
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