Arctic Cat M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 165"/3.00" Man 2023 17 499,00 $ CAD *

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17 499,00 $ CAD *
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Financing Available 2023 Arctic Cat® M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 165"/3.00" Manual Green Ride to the Extreme with Big Climbs and Big Air Stiff competition and big challenges don't phase the Hardcore rider. This beast of a sled, equipped with the groundbreaking ALPHA ONE™ Single-Beam Rear Suspension, is built to conquer the backcountry. It lets diehard thrill-seekers tackle difficult climbs and land the big jumps without flinching. The Hardcore is an adrenaline junkie's dream sled. BUILT TO PUSH THE LIMITS This sled is the ultimate ride for competitive, big-air riders with a preference for pushing the boundaries. With a next-gen 8000-Series C-TEC2™ engine and ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension, this sled makes carving up the backcountry seem like a piece of cake. Features may include: UNMATCHED CONTROL ALPHA ONE SINGLE-BEAM REAR SUSPENSION This revolutionary single-beam rear suspension changes the game for mountain snowmobiles. The unique design doesn't trap snow, keeping the sled light and allowing you to get on top of the snow easier than ever. With more control and maneuverability than any other mountain sled, you can carve up the mountain seamlessly. NEXT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE ASCENDER PLATFORM The Ascender platform brings a lighter, more forgiving, responsive, and durable chassis that delivers next-level backcountry performance and handling. SERIOUS POWER 8000-SERIES C-TEC2™ ENGINE This twin-cylinder, 165-class horsepower engine will carry you through the toughest climbs and the biggest jumps all day long, all while packing a serious punch. OPTIMIZED FOR DEEP SNOW AMS FRONT SUSPENSION The Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) is built specifically to navigate through deep snow. With lightweight spindles and a precision engineered suspension geometry designed specifically with mountain riding in mind, the Hardcore is the ultimate ride for deep snow performance. UNPARALLELED SUPPORT FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3 COIL-OVER SKI SHOCKS With three compression settings, the FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 shocks are easy to adjust and neutralize any bumps in the terrain with coil-over springs. With shocks like this, rough rides are a thing of the past. SMOOTH POWER DELIVERY ADAPT CVT SYSTEM With its lightweight, narrow design that increases performance and belt life, as well as the industry's only self-adjusting clutch, the ADAPT™ CVT system provides better throttle response, smoother power delivery, and a ride like no other. ENHANCED TRACTION POWER CLAW™ TRACK Unlock the backcountry with the Power Claw Track, a lightweight track that delivers the ultimate deep snow traction and performance. It's easier than ever to slice straight through deep snow. MINIMIZED IMPACT REINFORCED RUNNING BOARDS With more air comes more impact. That's why the Hardcore's running boards are reinforced with an extrusion for extra rigidity.
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