Arctic Cat Bearcat 3000 LT 2016 $10,000.00 CAD

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$10,000.00 CAD
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2016 Arctic Cat® Bearcat 3000 LT Features may include: 3000 4-STROKE ENGINE New to the Arctic Cat snowmobile family is the Arctic Cat built 700cc 4-Stroke EFI engine; an engine that combines sufficient power with clean technology and incredible fuel efficiency. This 65-class horsepower engine is compact, lightweight and, thanks to electronic fuel injection, throttle response is immediate. Work or play, this new 4-stroke is raising eyebrows across the snowbelt. ACT DIAMOND DIRECT DRIVE WITH ARCTIC CAT CLUTCHES The ride-proven ACT Diamond Direct Drive planetary gearcase produces efficient transfer of power from engine to track, delivering a smooth ride. The Arctic Cat® clutch system engages at lower RPMs without sacrificing top speed. ARCTIC RACE FRONT SUSPENSION Our uniquely wide A-arm spacing complements the chassis design, which allows us to maintain a tighter suspension. Arctic Cat® Gas IFP shocks feature a hard-anodized aluminum body, 0.5-in. shaft, aluminum internal floating piston and high-quality seals and ice scrapers. For added strength, the eyelet on the shaft end is forged, replacing the welded design. SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION The SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension brings race-day technology to everyday riding. Our U-shaped slot fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the free-acting front arm follows the terrain, keeping your skis firmly planted over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration. POWER SPORT GAUGE All the info is at your fingertips. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, clock, fuel level indicator, reverse, optional altimeter and warning lights.

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