Polaris 800 SKS 146 2020 $15,137.00 CAD

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$15,137.00 CAD
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Black Pearl Tunnel, Manual Start, Axys Low Windshield Black & Orange, 15x146x2.25 Cobra Track, Black Pearl Side Panels, Orange Rails, Walker-Evans Comp. Adj. Needle Shocks, Pro-Taper Handlebar & Standard Gauge 2020 Polaris® 800 SKS 146 Most Versatile Deep Snow Sled Seek Something Even Deeper Than Powder The SKS 146 is the ultimate deep snow crossover snowmobile. This sled offers both instantaneous lift when off-trail in the deep snow, as well as smooth handling and cornering when on-trail. Features may include: Instantaneous Lift The combination of the raised and lightweight AXYS® chassis, a powerful Polaris® engine, and the Polaris-exclusive track designs pop the SKS on top of the snow. AXYS® Chassis The raised AXYS® chassis increases clearance and reduces drag to keep you on top of the snow. It is purpose-built for mountain riding and allows for improved sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster. The aluminum over structure is lightweight and durable for all types of riding. Taller spindles increase clearance to reduce drag. 15 x 146 x 2.25" Series 2.5 Track Delivers outstanding traction both on- and off-trail with excellent durability. Liberty® Engine Choices for Every Rider Built to integrate seamlessly with the lightweight and agile Polaris® chassis, Liberty® engines feature class-leading power-to-weight ratios and set a new benchmark for ultimate performance with our complete line-up of powerful options. Rider Balanced® Control The AXYS® platform features Rider Balanced® positioning that delivers ultimate control for the rider for precise, effortless sidehilling. AXYS® Body Panel Design The compact AXYS® body design provides the industry's highest lean angle to keep the weight on the skis and track - even in the meadows - and it minimizes paneling out. Paneling out compromises control and can occur on steep inclines and while carving. Immediate Response The world's best mountain sled is built to be the lightest and most rigid, making it incredibly responsive to rider inputs. This allows you to change direction and maneuver confidently in all conditions. PowderTrac® Hybrid Running Boards The PowderTrac® Hybrid Running Boards offer optimized design with 56% open space for maximum snow clean out while maintaining extreme strength. The ultimate deep snow crossover snowmobile - plus the "Proven Polaris® Benchmark" of the 800 Cleanfire® H.O. engine. 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine Walker Evans® Piggyback Shocks Chaincase Drive System Narrow Ski Stance (39" - 41") IGX 146 Rear Suspension 15 x 146 x 2.25" Series 5 Track
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