Arctic Cat Riot 9000 with ATAC 1.6 2023 $23,999.00 CAD *

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$23,999.00 CAD *
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Built to Handle It All

Why choose between the thrill of trail riding and the excitement of deep snow when you can have both? RIOT is a special blend of trail and backcountry performance, giving crossover riders the versatility they crave. With a rugged suspension and two robust powertrain options, including a new turbocharged engine, RIOT is built to take it all on every kind of ride, no matter who you're riding with. ULTIMATE CROSSOVER RIDE

Riot 9000 with ATAC

If you're a diehard thrill-seeker, a speed demon chasing that next big adrenaline rush, then the new RIOT 9000 EPS is equipped with everything you need to find it, including the most powerful stock turbocharged engine available. Add in Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and an ATAC® Adjustable On-The-Fly Suspension, and you've got a crossover experience that'll give you all you all the speed you can handle.

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