Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE 2022 $26,995.00 CAD *

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$26,995.00 CAD *
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Hurricane Performance Dash Flash Bundle - 220, 240, 270 HP Kit Installed and can be switched with the push of a button on the dash. Factory Muffler Kit, Full STM Tunnel Protectors, Grand Digger Studs, Hurricane Lower Belt Guard, Clutch Kit w/ STM Supertips, Dalton Springs, Yamaha Tall windshield, Rear View Mirrors, RAW Rear Tunnel Stiffener Kit, Roll Over by Pass Kit. 2022 Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE Accessories Included: - 144 Mega Bite Studs (1.740") - 144 Large Grand Digger Stud Backers - STM Full Tunnel Protectors - Hurricane Performance Cluster Flash Bundle (225, 240, 270) - Hurricane Turbo Smart Diverter Valve - Hurricane 3 Bar Map Sensor - Tunnel Reinforcement Stiffeners Powder Coated to Match - Tall Touring Windshield - Rear View Mirrors - Heated Seat - Heated Visor Hookup - STM Super Tips Clutch Weights - Dalton Performance Clutch Spring - Hurricane Lower Belt Guard - Clutch Tuning & Alignment : When it comes to a purebred cross-over machine the Sidewinder X-TX LE stands apart from the rest. 'VersAttak' uncoupled rear suspension has the versatility to provide bump eating plushness with the type of smooth transfer required for waist deep powder. Fully adjustable Fox® Zero QS3 shock absorbers provide premium performance while the ARCS front suspension offers increased ground clearance and improved handling. The X-TX LE is finished with the Stryke single keel skis that work great both on and off trail to deliver precise tracking and ample floatation. Features may include: HIGHLIGHTS CRAFTED FOR YOUR NEXT SNOW ADVENTURE Premium Fox 1.5 QS3 Front Shocks The Sidewinder X-TX LE front suspension is equipped with Fox QS3 shocks for a premium upgrade to this model. The Fox high-pressure gas, coil spring shock features a piggyback chamber to deliver reduced fading, exceptional control, and three easy to adjust compression damping performance settings so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride to conditions and riding preference. Versattack 146 'Uncoupled' Rear Suspension The Dual Shock 146 rear suspension is fitted into a light mountain, tapered tunnel. It also features a mountain style front arm with special 146 inch rails that utilize a long rear QS3 shock and lightweight single pull rod. A specially designed, shock pivot is added to the uncoupled front arm to provide smooth weight transfer for great handling traction both in and out of the powder. Mountain Steering System A dedicated, tall steering post delivers optimum ergonomics for standup riding. The 5.5 inch riser, with broad, molded, curved-end mountain bar and incorporated mountain strap delivers ample leverage for off-trail riding. The system is adjustable to dial in sweep and reach to help keep you in the sweet spot. Premium Fox 1.5 QS3 Front Shocks Versattack 146 Rear Suspension 146 x 1.6-inch Cobra Track ARCS Front Suspension 42 inch Ski Stance Stryke' Single Keel Ski Heated Mountain Seat Stealth control system
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