Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One with ATAC 2023 $18,439.00 CAD *

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$18,439.00 CAD *
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full factory warranty! 1 year Financing available 2023 Arctic Cat® M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One with ATAC 154"/3.00" Push Electric_Skye Blue Jump Higher. Climb Farther. Push the Limits. With bold styling and bolder moves, the Mountain Cat is built for next-level riding. Incorporating cutting-edge features including ALPHA ONE® Single-Beam Rear Suspension, FOX® FLOAT 3 QS3 shocks, and ATAC® Adjustable On-the-Fly Suspension, the Mountain Cat shows even the most diehard thrill-seekers the ride of their lives. NEXT-LEVEL RIDING MADE POSSIBLE With all the power of the 8000-Series C-TEC2™ engine, the performance of ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension, and now the versatility of ATAC adjustable on-the-fly suspension, this sled doesn't just push the boundaries- it surpasses them. The M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE with ATAC is built for the toughest climbs, highest jumps, and best rides of your life. Features may include: UNMATCHED CONTROL ALPHA ONE™ SINGLE-BEAM REAR SUSPENSION This revolutionary single-beam rear suspension changes the game for mountain snowmobiles. The unique design doesn't trap snow, keeping the sled light and allowing you to stay on top of the snow with ease. With more control and maneuverability than any other mountain sled, you can carve up the mountain seamlessly. SMOOTH POWER DELIVERY ADAPT™ CVT SYSTEM With its lightweight, narrow design that increases performance and belt life, as well as the industry's only self-adjusting clutch, the ADAPT™ CVT system provides better throttle response, smoother power delivery, and a ride like no other. UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY FOX® FLOAT QS3 SHOCKS ALPHA ONE™ suspension is easily adjustable for ride and intensity with FOX FLOAT shocks: from the three-position QS3 on the ski and front arm, to a semi-locking QSL on the rear, you get easy adjustability for maximum deep-snow performance. SERIOUS POWER 8000-SERIES C-TEC2™ ENGINE This twin-cylinder, 165-class horsepower engine will carry you through the toughest climbs and the biggest jumps all day long, all while packing a serious punch. OPTIMIZED FOR DEEP SNOW AMS FRONT SUSPENSION The Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) is built specifically to navigate through deep snow. With lightweight spindles and a precision engineered suspension geometry designed specifically with mountain riding in mind, the Mountain Cat is the ultimate ride for deep snow performance. INSTANT SUSPENSION CONTROL ATAC ON-THE-FLY SUSPENSION No more getting off your snowmobile to adjust your suspension. Easily switch between soft, medium, and firm suspension settings with the push of a handlebar-mounted button and watch the system immediately adjust your suspension. Available on select models. QUICK AND CONVENIENT PUSH-BUTTON ELECTRIC START The convenience of electric start is just one of the countless things that sets the Mountain Cat apart. With just the push of a handlebar-mounted button, you'll be up and moving.
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