Arctic Cat M 858 Mountain Cat Alpha One with ATAC 1 2025 $22,909.00 CAD *

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$22,909.00 CAD *
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2025 Arctic Cat® M 858 Mountain Cat Alpha One with ATAC 146"/2.60" Manual A THRILL SEEKER'S DREAM With bold styling and bolder moves, the Mountain Cat is built for next-level riding. By incorporating cutting-edge features, the Mountain Cat shows even the most diehard thrill-seekers the ride of their lives. Features may include: A NEW BREED OF POWER ALL NEW 858 ENGINE The all-new 858 two-stroke engine is designed for seamless integration into the new CATALYST platform. With an 8% increase in displacement, this engine houses an 11% increase in output over the C-TEC2 800 and weighs 4% less. It features an optimized air intake system, a new exhaust valve design for more consistent power and cleaner emissions, and an all-new crankcase for increased stroke and integrated engine mounts. PEAK PERFORMANCE UNLOCKED CATALYST CHASSIS The revolutionary CATALYST platform has been built from the ground up to optimize every aspect of your ride, so much so that you’ll feel at one with the sled. With enhanced ergonomics, a lower center of gravity, our exclusive laydown engine design, specially calibrated suspension and more, this changes everything. NAVIGATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ARCTIC CAT G8 DIGITAL DISPLAY The all new Arctic Cat G8 digital display, powered by Garmin, offers seamless integration with your sled. A built in GPS with preloaded trail maps, customizable data fields and phone connectivity are just some of the features that make G8 essential for every ride. Plus, the group ride functionality utilizes satellite or celluar data, dependent on region, to share the ride with up to 15 people. OPTIMIZED FOR DEEP SNOW AWS 36 FRONT SUSPENSION The AWS 36 Front Suspension was designed specifically with the M 858 Mountain Cat in mind. With lightweight spindles and precision engineered geometry, this suspension system optimizes your performance in deep snow. INCREASED DURABILITY ARCTIC CAT MOUNTAIN BELT DRIVE The CATALYST platform utilizies Arctic Cat's belt drive system rather than a chain drive. This allows for enahnced durability and fewer parts in the system. The adjustable center distance allows for multiple ratio options and makes servicing simple. UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY FOX FLOAT QS3 SHOCKS ALPHA ONE suspension is easily adjustable for ride and intensity with FOX FLOAT® shocks: from the three-position QS3 on the ski and front arm, to a semi-locking QSL on the rear, you get easy adjustability for maximum deep snow performance. UNMATCHED CONTROL ALPHA ONE SINGLE-BEAM REAR SUSPENSION Arctic Cat’s revolutionary single-beam rear suspension changes the game for mountain snowmobiles. The unique monorail design sheds snow to keep your sled light and equalizes floatation across the width of the track. ALPHA ONE offers enhanced maneuverability, giving you tighter turns than ever before. BRIGHTEN ANY RIDE ASYMMETRICAL LED HEADLIGHT A premium LED headlight is crucial to optimize your visibility. Equipped with both high and low-beams, this headlight casts an LED light p
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