Ski-Doo Skandic® LE 900 ACE 20 Silent Cobra WT 1 2025

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2025 Ski-Doo Skandic® LE 900 ACE 20 Silent Cobra WT 1.5_Black TREAD LIGHTLY Easily float your way to winter's most unreachable locations Wide tracks and skis with a one-piece belly pan enable Skandic sleds to float on top of the snow, over obstacles and across swampy terrain with ease. TOW MORE High-load towing capacity leaves nothing behind Industry-leading towing capability delivers the goods wherever they're needed. Innovative towable accessories expand cargo possibilities to new levels. WORK TOUGH Built to take on the toughest tasks in the harshest environment Skandic snowmobiles simply excel in the most demanding conditions. Designed to take a beating without skipping a beat, they're built as rugged as their riders. PUREBRED WORKHORSE Do the Job The hearbeat of the Skandic is its ability to take on tough tasks in remote wintery locations. Hauling firewood, accessing remote cottages and hunting shacks, retrieving trap lines, or towing an ice shanty all fall on the Skandic's "To-Do" list. Features may include: Platform THE STANDARD IN CAPABILITY REV Gen4 Platform Lightweight, strong and durable, built to maximize flotation and traction, while providing the precise handling and benefits of the open cockpit design. Maximum capability on- and off-trail. Rear Suspension SPORT-UTILITY VERSATILITY SC-5U Rear Suspension Our sport-utility suspension. Refined ride both on trail and on top of powder. Articulated rail to maximize deep snow traction in reverse or locked out when towing. Front Suspension SPECIALIZED FOR DEEP SNOW LTS Front Suspension Industry-exclusive telescopic front suspension enables a large, flat belly pan for exceptional deep snow flotation. Transmission READY TO HAUL Easy Shift Transmission Easy shifting with multiple gear ratios ideal for heavy towing thanks to its high load resistance. Optimal lubrication for extreme reliability and ultra-quiet operation. Rider-friendly H-L-N shift setup with push-button reverse. Skis FLOTATION YOU CAN USE Pilot 7.4 Skis Designed to provide better reverse capability, more flotation off trail and more positive steering on trail and while hauling loads.
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